Regarding Refund for my Zorin Pro Purchase

I recently purchased Zorin 16 Pro. I am using Zorin Core as my main driver and purchased 16 Pro for my employee in my company. But I have yet not used the Pro Version and my employee doesn't seem to use it at all as he is happy with the Ubuntu server currently. @AZorin @zorink

I had also sent a message from the official contact page but didn't receive any reply. I want a refund for my purchase as earliest.
I am happy with the Free version of Zorin and want a refund for the Pro purchase as my employee isn't using it at all.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Since Zorin team consists of just 2 people, sometimes the reply takes a bit of time but they will reply eventually (from my own experience).

Wouldn't know how a refund would be able to take place. Zorin Brothers would have to trust in you that you delete the file. but also there's a chance you don't do it. if you see the Dilemma in that

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When you purchase software and you get a download, it's standard you own it and there are no refunds.

You admit to purchasing it, you admit to having it. Just because you've decided now not to use it, is irrelevant.

Like many FOSS, purchase/refund is based on a honour system.
Zorin group will take your words and believe that you are not stealing the fruit of their hard labour.

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That is not the case - at least for Zorin.
While I do not know the exact wordings of their refund policy, it is possible to request a refund for any legitimated reasons (hardware incompatibility is one of such reasons).

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I can't even find their refund policy, which isn't a good a thing. It should be upfront and center.

I can see the hardware issue, but I would say they should have tried core or lite first before purchase. But his reasoning is not something I would entertain. Processing fees still cost money.

Though even at my business I have everything laid out, there's always a % who think none of it applies to them...

To address this issue, you can create a new thread in a Feedback section.

You will be amazed to know how some people are (too) quick with their credit card.

I can understand your words and your intent! But as you can read the message that I had purchased Zorin Pro not for myself as well. It was purchased for my employee and now the employee is familiar with Ubuntu Server so he is stepping back from switching.

Considering the refund, I'm pretty well familiar with it as I can understand the efforts taken to create something unique and yes I respect the efforts and time of developers.

My company being in the cyber security and investigation background, we follow proper ethics. If any sort of confirmation is required to prove that I haven't used the OS, I will be happy to provide that too.

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I am also not aware of a Policy on refunds. But we are the members of a User Forum and not developers or staff of the ZorinGroup Company.

What I can say, given my time on the Zorin Forum from direct observation is that the ZorinGroup have always responded more than fairly to Zorin OS Ultimate or Zorin OS Pro users.
Just as choosing Zorin OS Pro is a method primarily of supporting development and helping to maintain the project; it also has always been an "On your honor" system.

Hopefully, the list of user inquiries will reach your number in line, soon.

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Yes. Thank you!

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