Regarding workspace view customization

I am using the fedora type workspace look and i noticed that, if there is only one app workspace in usage, the workspace viewbar on right side is diminished type ( sorry if not explaining well ). But when 2 or more workspace is in use , it's not diminished anymore.

I want it always to be diminished type and only show full on hover.

I know it's a silly help but is there any way to do it ?


I checked the available settings about workspaces and I didn't find anything to set that right panel keeps always peeking from the border, looks like a predefined behavior to make you more clear that you are using 2 or more workspaces. While using only 1 workspace you don't need to see a preview from the right panel, because it's only 1 and you have already in front of you, while the panel shows you the previews of 2 or more workspaces to give you an instant look at their status.

Yeah , it's predefined in the settings. Anyways thank for the help.

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