Register wifi in advance

A novice should move between 4 different Wifi networks with a laptop. Now I want to prepare a laptop to log in automatically when users come to the various wifi networks.

I want to pre-configure the laptop to have the passwords for these networks and be able to authenticate to them without intervention

I know the SSID and password for all 4 networks, so can I set up the wifi networks in advance, without going to the different networks?

Zorin 16 pro.

I would set up 4 user accounts with novice name followed by network name. They should be provided with the information as to which login to use for specific location areas they will be working in. My 2 cents.

It would not work.
It is one and the same person and the person moves between the 4 different networks. The person has other skills than network skills, but the person's laptop must access a centrally located server through ipsec.

My task is to make it work without having to teach the person how to connect to a network, it should work immediately.

I would therefore suggest you read through this nugget of information:

Sorry, but you probably did not understand the problem.
My task is to leave me a pre-configured laptop.
Quite a lot is clear, so what remains is to connect to the various wifi networks. And if I take the laptop with me to the various networks, it's quite easy to arrange. and if I have connected to a wifi, the data is saved in the computer, so that everything works next time.

So I want to avoid transporting myself and the laptop many miles between the different networks to make sure that the laptop connects for the first time.

Maybe there is someone else here on the forum who understands that I want to leave a pre-configured laptop to a novice, and the laptop will connect to the various networks itself.

Now the problem is solved, and this is my solution.

I have 4 nets
SSID_1 / password_1
SSID_2 / password_2
SSID_3 / password_3
SSID_4 / password_4

I used a Ubiquiti UniFi access point and created wifi network "SSID_1" with password "password_1". Then I connected the laptop to the wifi network, so that the laptop saved the data.

Then I did so with all wifi networks, and now the laptop will automatically connect to the wifi that it reaches from the 4 different networks, and it happens automatically.

If there is someone here on the forum who has another good solution, it can be interesting to take part in a different solution than mine.

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I understood the problem, I didn't/don't know the solution! :wink:

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