Regresar a zorin os core 16.3 desde educacion

Buenas actualice a zorin educacion desde core y queria Regresar a zorin os core 16.3 desde educacion sin reinstalar el sistema.

O.P. used Zorin Upgrader to move from Zorin OS Core to Zorin OS Education.
The O.P. is now asking how to undo that action.

Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Education are almost identical; except that Education includes a variety of learning and training applications.
You can remove the Educational Applications that were installed.

Gracias por la contestacion, solucionado creo haberlo marcado bien la solucion

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You're welcome. I am sorry that I forgot to translate my post after I submitted it.

Eres bienvenido. Lamento haber olvidado traducir mi publicación después de enviarla.

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