Reinstall or format Zorin?

I wondering the Zorin after using some long time it is collect trash fileswhat cannot be removed? If i choosen now,what is better now Zorin xfce or gnome for stable? I know gnome is better from xfce? On haswell processor with 16Gb ram and graphic card GT 1030 2gb ddr5? Which one to choice? I have also pro version what bought like earlier versions Zorin.

I prefer Xfce more than Gnome, It is Lightweight and easier to customize. Gnome comes with a lot of stuff that I do not need. Even in my high end PC I prefer Xfce over Gnome.

Zorin has made a fault suggesting Xfce is only for old Computers. People think that they do not need it because their PC is so called modern. Then what about modern notebooks, Can they run Gnome?

The Versions should be specified according to the system requirements not old or new. The thing is, I felt no difference in customizing both and ending with the conclusion that the only difference is, gnome is more heavier than Xfce. Including Pro which has nothing more than extra themes for your Desktop with Gnome.

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Thank you @anon6471198 your suggestions are very good about which distribution to be used. I also don't using software what is many with pro. Gnome for me is like near Windows11.
XFCE for me is like older version windows.
But if you can answear also on on first question i mean when i using linux long time it is collect files what cannot be removed?
I saw example older kernel are not removed.
Using some Stacer or Bleach they also don't delete old files.
That why i talking about a stable and that why also my feeling Mint is faster fresh installation with the same software what on Zorin but they both are ubuntu with the same kernel.
I sometimes remember i formatting windows because it was huge trash on regedit or somewhere else many things. So my conclusion is @anon6471198 helped to me which version to be used xfce or gnome.
I just wondering if i reinstall Zorin it help be faster. I remember with kernel 5.13 was faster but with any next updates i feeling it is slower.

The Older Kernels are removed but are still registered, The Files are empty. Sometimes their are two kernels installed and they can be removed manually.

To Find which kernel's are installed,

sudo dpkg --list | egrep 'linux-image|linux-headers 

To See which kernel the OS is currently running,
uname -r

The Other Useless Kernel's can be removed by,
for ex:-
sudo apt purge linux-image-5.8.0-50-generic

After removing all,
sudo apt autoremove

Here, Give this a Look

Thank you @anon6471198 but linux collect files what could be removed but they are sitting on ssd and they are not deleted after some updates? That could be also issue that files could be eating background more RAM or something when i have htop i seeing some process what are not necessary.

What processes exactly? Have you considered installing KDE? I have almost same specs as you apart from Processor which is AMD Ryzen 7 and spinning hard drive. I am using Devuan 3.1.1. Although currently in bits as replaced with Amiga 1500 but still haven't found the mouse yet!

@swarfendor437 When i have mess with KDE enviroment i propably deleted many some files that why now my Zorin Lite is working diffrent. Lost many software what was standard with installation Zorin. Lost also all my software propably flat and snap because software what was installed from .deb package exist and working. I talking about flameshot,spotify,vlc,discord.
Steam and a games working was installed from .deb packages.
Well I can live with that. I will see how it will working but i have feeling my ram is eating like a double now.
Ok with webbrowser neofetch with fresh start Zorin it eating 1GB after start a game using 4GB plus spotify it is 4.3GB ram eating.
I will be using today Zorin like always and i will check if something changed i take a observation.

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