Reinstall windows

I installed zorin core 16 but gave been trying to reinstall windows since. Hiwever tge usb isnt working i select it in my boot menu but it just goes backvto the boot menu. Ive tried different usbs boot mskers but it still wont work
Soery bout my spelling i cant type on phone lol

You may look here, since the article deals with the same issue. You do not see a blinking cursor because you have another OS bootloader to fall back on:

Your computer does not want Windows installed, listen to it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It just goes back to the boot menu for me
Update fully read it imma just test

I need windows fir fames and stuff linux is to complicated to install stuff for me

Games are running great under linux, use steam with proton or lutris with wine/proton runner.

I posted a tutorial long time ago…its not that hard.

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@spud , if anyone can help you get games working on here, @Michel can.

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Ive joined the linux side

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