Reinstalled Zorin Pro

OK ... would someone please take a look at my latest Zorin Pro install (just redid this this afternoon) and see if you see any problems or reasons I should not continue to install all my apps and goodies .... if you do find something wrong PLEASE tell me and how I can correct the problem so I can continue on and begin enjoying Zorin Pro...


Hi ,

do you have UEFi system ?

boot needs fat32 not ext4

if it is uefi, you need boot/efi and fat32

Only for EFI partition. Otherwise, /boot as ext4 is fine.


Whats up homie, what you doin on this sad of da partition, you are going all EXT4 on my butt, no EFI you feel me?


Here is my Gparted. This is what the auto installer did on my drive when I ran auto install...

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Why extended partition where only 2 partitions exist on the disk?
The peril of auto installer...

This was what I observed.
When the partition is "trapped" inside extended partition, there is no way to take it out of it.


I don't think a root partition of 375 gb is necessary. there won't be much change or mutations happening there.
For Zorin root aprox 25-50gb is more than enough. It's a waist of good partition space.


The AUTO installer made those choices, you'd think it would know exactly what to do properly, but I suppose it has a mind of its own. The good news is, the Zorin installation runs just fine as it is. So, who knows why it chose what it did.

And its like I had partitions already setup on the drive, I didn't, I actually deleted all previous partitions. I had nothing by allocated space, and thats what the installer made from it. I also agree with Dasjdoom, 500 MIB is the normal amount for EFI partition.


I see this differently, as plenty of apps do install to root. Min 64gigs these days, with 120gigs preferred for safety.

More and more people are getting bigger drives.

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StarTreker, I wasn't referring to your partition but to the one Frog did.

Aravisian, perhaps your right (I don't have that many experience with Linux) but even though 375gb is way to large.

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Yes, if Root is on a separate partition, it does waste space as you said.


Thank you for all the input ... I see the consensus is that I have perhaps to much space assigned to Root .... so how do I change the 375gb to 120gb ???? ...

Also please note I didn't put in any space for a swap partition .... do I need one .... I read where you can either have a swap file or partition ...

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I think Harvey has a section in here on how to resize a partition, if not, I am sure he will include one eventually.


Nope .... he said he was going to do one but later ... as I still have a lot of other stuff to install I was hoping to get my partitions settled first before I proceed further .... just in case I have to reinstall Zorin for the umpteenth time .... that really is getting tedious ... LOL

I remember when I first migrated from Windows to Zorin OS.
I went through a Lot of Zorin OS reinstalls. A dozen or more...
Partly due to my inquisitive nature, poking around in Root and trying to learn all I could.
That settled down pretty quickly. It's rare I need to do a reinstall these days.
As with the Matrix:
"No one ever makes the First Jump."

You can boot up from your LiveUSB of Zorin, then ensure your drive is not mounted. Open Gparted and select your Root Partition, right click, select "move" - A slider will popup. You can adjust the size using the slider.
When done, select apply.
Exit the LiveUSb and boot up your system normally.

OH I forgot...
A note on using NTFS or Ext4: Ext4 is what enables Linux to operate without Fragmentation or need to defrag. If you run Zoin OS on NTFS, it can fragment badly.


I no likey fragmentation! Fragmentation is bad! Windows 10 is bad, Windows 11 is really bad, NTFS partition is bad, everything bad.

EXT4 is so good, it makes you want some more.

Thank you for that .... whenever I use the LiveUSB I need to be really careful because anytime I go into Gparted it shows my Win drive first .... I have to select the very top left hand button (forgot it's name) and choose my Zorin drive or I'll be changing something in Windows ...

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OK we're back sports fans ... seems I got the Root Partition installed correctly but now I have 2 new partitions unallocated .... not sure what to do with them ... the 280g I would like to add to the /home partition not sure what to do with the other one can it be turned into a swap partition ... do I need one ???? ... or turned into something else ???? ....

Make at least 4GB go to SWAP.

You should be able to resize the HOME partition to get the unnallocated space to go to it.

I think you can right click on HOME and click resize? I'd have to load up my GPARTED to confirm. Or I am sure you can select HOME, then go up to top where it says PARTITION, and I am sure resize in there too.

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You can resize home.... decrease the amount before in gparted, this will increase the partition size. You can also grab the bar in the visual part above the numbers on the left and pull it left to increase the size of home. The data at the root of home will be moved to adjust for the new location.

Make sure it's not mounted.

Edit: i haven't forgotten, but school, helping my classmates and daily life has been preventing me from doing a full write up. I will get to it, it's just a little more difficult to find time than i anticipated. Please forgive me for this.


Thank you kind sir .... I for one realize you folks can't live on the board .... we all have other facets in our lives ....