Reminiscing - My journey to Zorin

I was doing several things this morning, on my extremely smooth running version of Zorin Pro 16.2... It got me wondering, how I got here, to this place of satisfaction.

It was this, "Unofficial Zorin 12.x Core Manual - still work-in-progress!"
While I used Mint because at the time I was more comfortable with the cinnamon desktop experience. It was taking the time to read and learn things in this manual that guided me from Ultimate, to Lite, now to Pro as my daily driver.
While there are a few who obviously stand out on the forum, and a large number who are right there along side them helping out pretty much complete strangers.
It was this manual that someone took the time to make that stands out as the most meaningful thing to me. So Thank You @swarfendor437. For yesterday, today and tomorrow! If not for this, I might still be on mint, or who knows where.
No, not M$


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