Remove dockbarx Zorin Lite

Hi, using Zorin Lite here,

I would like to know if I can remove dockbarx (I thinks that's the name) from Zorin Lite.
I have been using it for a while.
I looks good but it looses in the field of functionality to standard xfce panel. Like I can't pin and place the webapps (using ICE SSB from Peppermint) the way I want in the panel.

As some may know I'm also using Manjaro XFCE for some time and would like both distros to have the similiar look and feel.

Just asking the best way to remove dockbarx and go to standard xfce panel so I don't cause any issues to the system before hand.


I actually always remove it first thing. You can remove it from the panel by right clicking the panel, then Panel Preferences > Items
Select and remove the dock-like-taskbar item.

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i think u mean docklike, zorin lite has two layout, the classic use window buttons plugin and the second layout use docklike.
if u have installed and added the dockbarx and u mean it, no problem , it's the same as @Aravisian said in his post, go to panel ,preferences,items, select and reomve dock-like or dockbarx

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Zorin OS Lite used to come with DockbarX installed but in 16, I believe, switched to dock-like instead.

I used to just run sudo apt remove dockbarx to solve the issue.

So I was to place the icons the way I wnated in the taskerber with standar launchers.
However when I resize the icons past 25 pixels the tray icons (notifications/sound) on bottom right grow out of porpotion...

Anyway to fix this?
With over 25 icon pixel size:

With 24 or lower:

How are you setting the icon size? For the Notification Icons, the procedure is:
Right Click Panel > Panel Preferences > Items > Status Icon Notifier (OR other Notification Plugin you are using)
Click the Settings Icon on the bottom Toolbar
Under Appearance, set Max Icon size (px)
You can also check the box for whether to use normal or Symbolic icons

If you do it from Panel > Panel Preferences > Appearance > Fixed Icon Size - you may get scaled Results.

When I try to increase the icon size of the menu/apps on the left size past 25 the same thing happens.
With fixed Icon Size the icons placed on the left side appear smaller than I want...

Have you used the method I described above?

Yes, I belive so.

The notification plug in does not have an icon size setting:

Neither the pulsaudio control:

I see what you mean. Which Icon Theme are you using?

The standard zorin blue dark.
Tried other icons themes and is the same.
The notification "bell" and sound icon grow out of propotion in relation to the rest.

I am not experiencing this jump in growth. I am using one of my own Icon themes, Antares.
But I may not be understanding what you are describing properly. Or it may be because my theme specifies the Normal and not Symbolic Icons.

You might test this by installing the icon set (You may not like the set - this would be for Testing Only) and seeing how it resizes.

What I am looking at is the index.theme file for the Icon Theme.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/iconsets

sudo apt update && sudo apt install antares-icons

Switch in appearance, then try resizing the notification icons.

You can remove with:

sudo apt remove --purge antares-icons

sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:aravisian/iconsets

So I tested and did what you said:

If I use "Adjust Size Auto":

If I go past 24 in icon size:

The same thing happens as I said above, with other themes.
I installed some other themes I use in Manjaro like epapirus dark and it's the same.

They don't look like they change...:expressionless:
Am I missing something?

The notification plug in did not change the others did.
Maybe it's plug in related?

It may be XFCE panel related...
You can remove the antares set. You might need to hit up TOZ on the XFCE forum on this one.

Thank you for your time.

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