Remove windows from d drive etc?

Hi, well, I have come back to Zorin and ditched Windows, but it seems slow compared to what I remember from the last install, Could it be due to the leftovers from Windows on the D drive? if so how do I remove windows, just want a clean c drive which is a ssd drive with Zorin, need a simple answer as I'm still learning, many thanks.

Hi, and welcome back.

To your first question, it's very unlikely that the presence of another OS in a partitioned drive is causing your performance issues. There are many reasons for the "slowness" like overheating due to accumulated dust, worn off thermal paste, etc. If you haven't clean your machine in a while this may be a good excuse to do it.
It's also quite relative what a slow system really is so it'd be better to diagnose the issue more precisely to give better recommendations. Maybe it's just one particular program that is misbehaving, or maybe it happens during an update or something.

As for deleting Windows entirely, the easiest way to do this is to claim the entire disk during the installation of Linux. This may have the fortunate consequence of solving your other issue if something went wrong during the current installation (though unlikely as well).
If you want to keep the current installation you can do it, but I'm not sure if something special needs to be done regarding the bootloader. That's something I'm still not very familiar with.

In any case, there's nothing better than a clean start by literally cleaning your computer inside out and re-installing an OS from scratch. It's good practice, too, so that's what I'd recommend.


Many thanks for the info, I think a clean install is the answer, and to wipe the disc, and start afresh :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I have found it is "steam" that is slowing Zorin; is there a way I can ensure it is off when not running a game? Without steam, Zorin runs as fast as I remember it doing so.

I always close it via the menu -> Exit, as clicking the "×" button leave it running in the background or at least it used to, but now I try closing all my programs like this when the option is available.
You can also remove it from the list of Startup Applications so that it doesn't launch automatically when you turn on the computer.

In any case, it's unusual that it's consuming that much processing as to slow things down. I use Steam but I'm not very familiar with the settings in there, so I can't really recommend anything specific, but I'd search for anything that may be running in the background even when the application is not running.

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Thank you; I will investigate further as to what is running in the background. Much appreciated reply. :pray:

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