Removing Icons from Log-in Drop Down Menu

I know I asked this once before and got help on removing duplicate icons from the drop down menu choices but I can't find it any where ...... as you can see I have duplicates galore and they serve no purpose .....

Also which ones can I safely remove like why is there a choice for Zorin Desktops and Gnome ones when I already have Zorin Desktop choices which has the Gnome desktop already installed ..... very very confusing .... at least to me anyway ..... here is a photo to help clear up this mess ....

I found it ..... under Installing Cinnamon on Zorin Lite ????? ..... anyway it didn't show the duplicates .......

No photo ... sent it to Clipboard and can't find clipboard ...... !@#$%^&* ....... anyway it only shows one example of each one of the above entries .....

I believe this was the previous thread:


Yes that was it .... sorry I've been on Gnome ..... Gnome on Xorg ..... Wayland and Xfce since this morning and all of these versions have major flaws for me ..... so I am back on Cinnamon for good ....

Anyway back to the problem of to many choices in the menu .....

I don't see a Wayland folders anywhere in the picture below nor do I see the double icons like Gnome ... Gnome etc. .....

I see no need for Wayland or the Gnome Desktop's ....

Thinking of just keeping one of:
Cinnamon (Rendering) whatever that is
1 Gnome
1 Gnome Xorg

Is this doable ?????? .....

I won't delete any icons till I hear back from you as I don't want to screw anything up .....


Gnome means it is running on Wayland compositor which is what draws your screen. It is more secure than as means keystrokes can be captured across the whole system. Cinnamon rendering means there is a problem with your graphics card/drivers, a bit like Windows safe mode.

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Wayland can indeed offer nominal more security than Xorg by running compositing in a more containerized manner.
However, to suggest that "Xorg is more insecure than Wayland" is a bit of a simplified statement.

First thing: Security Concerns become present from the moment a user installs any GUI application onto a Desktop. The real issue is one of access and privileges and whether you are running on Xorg or Wayland, it only takes a malicious actor being authorized directly by the user to put your system at risk - on any compositor, desktop or Operating System.
The difference between X11 and Wayland is that long ago, with X11, any malicious actor that gained access in the first place could gain access system-wide. With Wayland, this was limited to access only within that container. However, X11 security mitigated many of the feared risks ( I note feared risks rather than vulnerabilities since actual Vulnerabilities were not found and reported) years ago; Something Wayland proponents neglect to inform the reader of.
This also does not mean that Wayland is "more Secure" or that "X11 is insecure" and these distinctions are very important as they can be misleading to the users.
Any unauthorized access is an insecurity and Wayland and X11 can be compromised in the same manner as WDM (Windows OS) and Quartz (MacOS).

The distinction means that X11 does not pose any greater risk to a remote hacker than Wayland does - or any GUI compositor at all. The only means of mitigating that risk is to not have a compositor present, as is done with Server Systems.
That it is potentially possible that a local (Not remote, but a person that has access to your machine and can authorize malicious packages to be elevated to Root) bad actor might install malware on your machine is not the same thing as saying using X11 is a security risk. It isn't.
Nor does it mean that X11 is inherently a security risk that a different compositor is not.


Your screenshot shows that only the choices you are content to keep are present in /usr/share/xsessions.
Let's try pruning anything that may be being saved outside of that directory:

find / -path /usr/share/applications -prune -o -path /usr/share/xsessions -prune -o -path $HOME/.local/share/applications -prune -o -iname '*.desktop'

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WOW ...... I got like a hundred pages of print all of which seem to say something like this .....

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ find / -path /usr/share/applications -prune -o -path /usr/share/xsessions -prune -o -path $HOME/.local/share/applications -prune -o -iname '*.desktop'
find: ‘/run/wpa_supplicant’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/lightdm’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/udisks2’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/cups/certs’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/user/1000/systemd/inaccessible/dir’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/sudo’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/speech-dispatcher’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/openvpn-server’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/openvpn-client’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/gdm3’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/credentials/systemd-sysusers.service’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/systemd/resolve/netif’: Permission denied

Sorry, try elevating using sudo first

sudo -i

then run

find / -path /usr/share/applications -prune -o -path /usr/share/xsessions -prune -o -path $HOME/.local/share/applications -prune -o -iname '*.desktop'

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Starts out like this ........

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ sudo -i
[sudo] password for mike:
root@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~# find / -path /usr/share/applications -prune -o -path /usr/share/xsessions -prune -o -path $HOME/.local/share/applications -prune -o -iname '*.desktop'
find: ‘/run/user/1000/doc’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied

And ends like this


With lots of pages in between ......

This is normal.

Can you reboot, then check your LightDM drop Down menu?

(I woke up a little after 2am and checked on things, but now the sleepy has returned and I am going to slither back into hibernation for another year or so.)

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No problem I'm eating chicken wings for supper as we speak ..... we'll try it tomorrow but all 11 items on the drop down menu are still there ..... have a good sleep ....

Here is my xsessions folder ......

But like I mentioned I still have 11 choices in my login drop down menu .....

Been playing with the log-in menu again today and made some interesting discoveries ..... it seems there are 2 categories ..... Gnome and Zorin Desktop

None of the items starting with Gnome .... Gnome, Gnome on Wayland or Gnome on Xorg have the Layouts installed on them that item in appearance is blank.....

All of the above have the same wallpaper photos but no task-bars except what I installed and the task-bars were at the top originally ....

All the rest that say Zorin Desktop ...... Zorin Desktop, Zorin Desktop on Wayland & Xorg all have the Layouts installed again 10 .... I'm assuming it is 17 Pro .....

All wallpaper photos are the same as as those in Gnome but these have the normal task-bars ..... at the bottom .....

I still have Cinnamon CE but I deleted Xfce ... just to many desktops for me .....

There are some other differences such as all the Gnomes send my photos to clipboard while Zorin Desktops sends them to my photos folder where I want them ..... maybe other differences but I'm to tired right now to think of them .....

This many not mean anything and probably won't help but here it is ..... and now I'm off to take a well deserved nap ......


Well after a nice long nap I feel much better and I've made an executive decision ...... I deleted the Gnome and Gnome on Xrog icon from the xsessions folder ...... it removed one Gnome selection but it also left one in the login drop-down menu ..... now we're getting somewhere ..... there is also two Zorin Desktop listed in that menu but only one icon in xsessions ..... I didn't remove it for fear of screwing up the one in the login menu .....

All the Wayland entries are still in the menu and they don't show up in the sessions folder would be nice to delete them as I doubt I will ever use one of them .....

Does anyone know where the icons are other than in the sessions folder ..... maybe we can get ride of them there ..... if not I guess I can live with this the way it is ......

It seems you are not alone in this:

It seems another location is being used to save configurations; but uncertain as to what it is or where it is.,

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This one was kinda long and winding and I didn't understand most of it .....

This one was much better for me to understand ..... as they said just ignore them ..... very good advice which I think I'll take .....

Thanks for all your help ..... problem solved ......

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