Removing old bits of the old OS + Flameshot


I have updated from Zorin 16.3 pro to 17.1 pro. This is not a new installation. Is there a way to be sure that the remnants of the old system are completely removed?

Is there a command in the terminal that can check or remove old remnants completely?

One more question...

I can't get any of the flameshot versions to work in 17.1. It works flawlessly in version 16. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Zorin defaults to Wayland Compositor. When you click on your username at login, a cog appears bottom right. Click on it and select Zorin Destop on Xorg.

Source: Ubuntu 22.04. Flameshot not working - Ask Ubuntu

Core is always 100% free. You don't need to buy Pro to use Zorin 17.1.

Since using the ZorinOS Upgrader to go to Z17.1. Have you checked your repositories for any lingering entries for "Focal". They should be "Jammy" for Z17/Ubuntu 22.04.

I switched to Flameshot as my default screenshot tool on Z16, as the gnome screenshot app was functionally imperfect so to speak.

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