Removing old OS, reformat for storage

With Zorin 16Pro now up and running seemingly without any glitches, I now wish to remove my old Zorin 15 OS from its hard drive (2Tb) and reformat the drive to use for storage.
(NB each OS is on its own internal hard drive. Z16 is dual-booted with Win10, which itself is on a SSD. The old Z15 was/is also dual-booted with Win10).
Can I simply select the old Zorin15 hard drive and erase the data, then reformat, using the Disks facility? or are there any hidden problems that I haven't thought of? I'm intending the 2 Tb storage to be used/accessed primarily by Zorin 16.

Yes, you can do exactly that. There are no hidden problems to be wary of.

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Great, many thanks. One never knows, with computers...

Yes, better to check first, than to come back later and say, "I think I made a mistake on this...":wink:

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