Removing Python 3.8 Issue

Hello all,

Not expecting a solution, just wanted to boost an issue I ran into. I attempted to install Python 3.10 and uninstall 3.8, unaware of the dependencies. Immediately after uninstalling 3.8, Firefox crashed and all of my start menu icons disappeared. Upon rebooting, it only allowed me to log into a terminal window.

Fix (credit to @coderhasib for posting a fix a few days ago):
sudo apt install python3.8
sudo apt install -y gnome gnome-shell zorin-os-desktop

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Zorin can only support python 3.8 max. After that Ubuntu 20.04 on which Zorin is based on have no support, there are two pythons running on Zorin, one for the OS and one used by user for development. We do not update the OS python unless the OS recommends doing So. For the Development Python, can be updated via, sudo apt update. In simple words, try to remove python, then install the older version or only an OS reinstall will fix the problem.

Hope this will give you a solutionšŸ˜„

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I'm glad I didn't run into this issue, that would've been pretty weird. I'll remember that and add it to reasons to use Docker more often.


Thanks for the follow-up @anon6471198 ! I see that now, in retrospect. I was caught off-guard how easily I broke everything :rofl: . I was trying to install 3.10 for development and didn't even consider potential dependencies. Surely just a noob mistake on my part, just wanted to share in case it helps someone else.

Not necessarily...
I have actually been wondering if the forum needs a Sticky Notice warning users of Python changes.
Much of Linux is modular, at least that which systemd has not gotten its tenticles into.
But where Operating Systems are concerned, there really is no feasible way of avoiding some integration.
Python is one such: It is a tricky beast. Since many applications call on python by the version rather than by a generic call or by the Installed Version, changing that version can break those applications functionality.
And a large number of processes depend on it.
This is something that can bite the backside of the experienced and the inexperienced alike.


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