Removing the trash bin

My trash bin is on the dock
How do you remove it?

Zakiro, I use Lite not Core so I am not certain on this... but please try running the following in terminal:

gsettings set show-trash false

Then tap alt+F2, type in r into the popup window and and tap enter key.

@zakiro Aravisian may have remembered you have Core (not Lite) from a previous interaction, but we cannot ascertain that from your Forum Profile.
Could you please edit your Forum Profile to show which edition of ZorinOS you are using e.g. Pro, Core Lite etc. Thanks, Zab

Open the gnome extensions app

Go to the settings of the extension you are using for the dock

Find the "show trash can" option and disable it. In my case, I'm using the "Floating dock" extension and that option can be found at the bottom of the "Launchers" category, but if you are using a different extension, it could be somewhere else within that settings window

Thank you Sorro

I am using zorin dash I disable it it was under launchers tab thanks

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