Removing Windows partition for use by Zorin

Hi everyone! I'm a noob to Zorin/Linux so bear with me. After one baby heart attack (because IMO windows was still on my Lenovo laptop) I said WTH and went ahead and installed Zorin OS 16.

I accepted all the default things like hard drive partitions which may be an issue now for which I need your help. As in "hey noob, take these specific steps to fix your problem".

I've poked around and am already reasonable comfy with Zorin. Most things I've attempted work seamlessly so I am getting there! However when I go to load back the files I'd copied I get a note saying I haven't enough space to bring the files back.

Interesting since I took the files off this very laptop to begin with! I can see that Window's still occupies a huge partition but I don't know how to erase all that (100% OK with ditching Windows) and leaving this and other partitions as usable ones for Zorin.

I'm great a following directions but not so good at interpreting the myriad of words and thoughts I see that seem to pertain to my plight.

Any thoughts at all will be appreciated.

Can you install Gparted
sudo apt install gparted

then take a screenshot in Gparted to show us the current disk partitions?

OK so I installed gparted and on its first scan it came up with "could not stat device /dev/mapper/isw: untested metadata version 1.4.01 found on /dev/sda - No such file or directory.

Soon as I clicked on retry it came up with an offer to "fix" this. Like an idiot I did not capture that scree but now I am here at this screen.

I've yet to make a choice. Suggestions?

You have absolutely no Windows partition.

It is because of this that I realize Zorin is not seeing my reasonably sized HD, nor do I have any idea how to have Zorin use my entire HD.

Big thanks BTW. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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If you are real Linux beginner and did not put much time for customization, it is much easier to wipe the entire disk and re-install than moving partitions.

Absolute beginner as I've never used Linux in my life.
So would I erase the disc from a command prompt prior to reinstalling Zorin?

Your comment made me smile since I know that how Linux was installed back in 80's.
Today's modern Linux is much easier to install.
"No command line required" (TM)

When you boot from the Live USB, there should be an option for "erase entire disk and install Zorin". You simply select that option.

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You just made my day! I'll give it a whirl and get back to you with results.


OK, now that I'm back to reinstalling, Erase was what I chose and that didn't seem to happen. My guess is that on initial install Zorin only sees one portion of the disc. I will choose advanced and see what happens.
One choice is

Not sure what just happened as the bulk of my prior response is now MIA.

So far nothing is "erasing" the hard drive to prep it as if it were brand new. I'll keep trying things but it is discouraging so far.
A 1 tb drive treated as if it is a tiny thing.

TY however!

When you choose and select the partition you wish to install to, the partition will be formatted. You do not need to "erase" the previous- just install as normal on that partition.

Thanks everyone. I'm just going to learn about creating my own partitions etc., so that Zorin will actually use my hard drive as it should.

Once I learn what specific info Zorin needs to operate with, I will leave that info where Zorin expects it to reside. Other than this bit of a hiccup, Zorin seems pleasant and friendly enough.

There is no greater tutorial in doing that, then by our very own Mr. Harvey.


Community Tech Support

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In the something else method choose that partition for root, if you are following the installation guide and format it for ext4.


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