Rename a file

Yes, you can remove it with the sudo apt remove command.

Exactly as it shows in your video sample for MS Windows.
It's the same. The action is called "Rubberband" (As if putting a rubberband around all the files).
I just double-checked that it works in Nautilus - and it works normally on my machine.

You may need to start a new thread on this issue if the above answer is not working out.

Well it does nothing on mine, the rubberband does not even show up in my zorin installation.

Edit: I figured it out, hold on i explain.

Working in this:

Not working in this:

The error is in list view. When you change it it does not work in the second one

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Ah, List View does not allow Rubberband. I will try to remember that.

So there is no way to fix it ?

It is a gtk thing:

And sadly, gtk4 will be even worse as the stack background interferes with rubberband in Item view, too.

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Cinnamon :smiley:

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Your Cinnamon spices will work just fine on Cinnamon on Zorin, too. :wink:

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I only did not install lightdm

We are enemies, now.

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I am scared to make a big mess again haha

Your comment made me think.

With my ex, I often told him that I will divorce him if he is not nice to me - and actually I did at the end because he was NOT nice.

I think the killing words for my current husband would be: I will delete your Linux and install Windows on your laptop if you are not nice to me! :rofl:

OK, I admit. That is cruel.

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Hahahahaha, my wife does not care she does not even use the laptop. If she use it once a half year it's much.

He would divorce you.


I am not so sure if he would managed to find another nerd who can look after computers for his entire family. Most of his fellow musicians marry to another musician. And they are all Mac users I might add.

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Can someone download this theme for me, i dont have a deviantart account

You know how it goes. She will say "can I use the laptop now?" just after you have bricked it.

EDIT: Is there a Solution amongst the posts above, or is it still a WIP?


PM Sent.

You know... You could create an account. It's an option.

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eh... what was the question?
Why we are talking about a couple life around Linux??

WIP=Work In Progress.
Sorry should have spelt it out longhand.

Clearly Michel and Aravisian are still working on it, so no "solution" to the OP (=Original Post) exits above this point.

You are right!
That was the subject of this thread.
Now who started to talk about tampering into the laptop belongs to the "better half"...