Rename the computer

How do you change the computer name?

From the command line type

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname your-new-computer-name

That is the hostname, which is set in /etc/hostname
You can change it by setting the hostname.

First, run cat /etc/hostname in order to get the full hostname of your computer. Copy it from the terminal with ctrl+shift+c and paste it into an open Notepad or text file...
next, use hostnamectl to set the new name.
For example, let's say you want to set it to sailboat:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname sailboat

Now run

sudo nano /etc/hosts

And go through finding any instances of hte original hostname using the reference you pasted in a notepad above. Change them to your new hostname (In the example above, it was sailboat).
When done, be sure to save:
Tap ctrl+x to exit the editor. Then the y key to say yes to save. Then the enter key to save the current configuration.

Reboot and check.
cat /etc/hostname

EDIT: Jgordon, we appear to have been typing at the same exact time. :wink:

Thank you both. I was able to follow your instructions and "re-name" my computer. THANKS. Now I have to figgure out how to change the "double click" selection process to a single click. I'll keep watching.

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Open Files > Click 3 horizontal lines button (on the left of Minimize :grin:) > Preferences > Behavior > Single click to open objects > Close the window.

Hope I could help :blush:

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