Report detected OS on installation ....? Windows ,Mint, Suse installed

After successfully d/l ing ...Zorin OS 16 and selecting install from the boot menu and following the dialogue ,a message appears and reports that there is no detected OS.. even though when installing mint it reports that other os are installed. is there some code missing ,a library or package that can be installed on the Zorin ISO before exposing it to the open world to report that there are other systems installed ?
I have a friend who is very keen to begin using Zorin linux her laptop is currently running on W10 ,i told her linux can run alongside W10 but I am concerned that ZOS cannnot detect other OS s ... any comments welcome ..

Perhaps these links may help:

You may also open a terminal in the LiveSession on USB and run os-prober or check the output of efibootmgr

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