Request to remove / update very old Zorin OS Apt sources

You will find more packages that are "outdated" particularly when they are developed by the Gnome Foundation, which is a firm proponent of the Flatpak package format. Thus, the native .deb version is not being developed anymore.
This is a common source of confusion and as you say, frustration to the end user, but not always in the sense that you might think.

Flatpak packages are great in many ways, one of them being that developers are encouraged to push their updates directly to the Flathub repositories, which in turn results in more up to date packages for the end users. But another feature they have is that they run in containerized environments, isolated from the rest of the system, to increase security and other reasons. This often also means reducing the scope of what the program can access, causing it to not work properly.

This design inspired in mobile applications based on permissions, is not very well known to people new to the world of Linux. If you stick around for a bit on these forums you'll see how this package format causes more headaches than it's worth. And it's easy to understand why: people like to click and install things and get on with their day. This lack of awareness has placed the Linux ecosystem in a strange spot where we are offering two, sometimes three and even four different formats for the same application (since there are alternatives to Flatpak that have similar goals and overlapping functionality).

Alas, higher versions of software doesn't necessarily translate to a better experience. New, undiscovered bugs may crawl in undetected, specially when many of the packages in Flatpak are actually not submitted by the original developers. The review process is also not as careful as it is for the native package formats from the upstream repositories. And the containerized sandbox itself has it's own limitations and downsides to consider. Here's a discussion on the topic that you might find interesting:

This is all to say that even if the ZorinGroup could remove those "duplicates", that would most certainly be a bad idea.

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