OK ... I have made a image of my Zorin 16 Pro drive using Rescuezilla .... which is great by the way .... and just watched a video about how to add the image back to my drive .... in the video he explains that once you choose what you want to restore the app will remove everything from you drive and reinstall all your items on the image to that drive ....

So far pretty simple BUT .... what about the partitions on the drive I will be installing to .... does it wipe those out as well and install them back using the partitions on the Rescuezilla image ....

If so this would defeat my purpose as I want to reinstall Zorin 16 Pro and change the Mount Point of one of my partitions .... I have tried this using the live Zorin install thumb drive .... change it in Gparted and in Disks but I'm not able to change the partition to /Home ....

Should be kinda simple I guess but I can't seem to get this problem solved so I figured that reinstalling Zorin would solve my problem .... but as I said if Rescuezilla is going to completely wipe my drive and install the image it has .... including the partitions .... that is a no-go for me ....

Going to call it a day so if you would be so kind as to leave any suggestions or solutions I'll see them in the morning .... thanks


If you change the fstab for the drive, from swap to home, fs from swap to ext4, the mount point from /swap to /home and the permissions to 0007... this should do what you want. It will create the default home files. Overwrite them with your current saved home files.

This will either work or break everything. I haven't tried it myself. After you make the changes you will have to boot to the live image and format the former swap partition as ext4 before attempting to boot into the installed zorin. Everything else should be handled by the system.

Rescuezilla will restore what you tell it to. But it will restore exactly as it was backed up. That image will do if this doesn't work, but then you'll have to do change the swap partition.


Hi @Frog,

Thanks for creating this thread on Rescuezilla!

Since I advocated the use of Clonezilla/Rescuzilla on this forum, it put a smile on my face :slight_smile:

I have been using Clonezilla over 15 years on multiple OS's (Windows, OSX and Linux).

Rescuezilla is a quite recent development for making Clonezilla accessible for beginners who prefer GUI over CLI (I think Rescuezilla developer is not related to the Clonezilla team).

While I stick to the original Clonezilla, other family members are using Resuezilla for their Linux backup needs.

I changed the category of the thread from General help to Chat since you are not asking for a technical help.


Maybe I should post some info here with some photos to make this a little clearer .... I am a complete newbie when it comes to partitions and changing them .... I have shown pictures of my fstab file and of GParted .... I have 4 partitions on my drive ..... all are mounted except one .... I have ....

ex4 /boot (mounted) .... Linux-swap (mounted) .... ex4 / (mounted) and ex4 /Home (unmounted)

as you can see the unmounted partition as nothing in it ..... however when I played around with some settings in Disks I managed to get it mounted BUT as soon as I restarted my computer it became unmounted again ....

Next photo shows terminal - blkid .... I think the one we want is the one I high-lighted ....

and finally lost photo of fstab ....

Sorry but that is as far as I can get .... but if the solution to this is the one you gave above I'm not sure I want to use that if no other way can be found .....

Again I know nothing about changing partitions but would it be easier for me to just make a complete copy of my Home folder (about 30GB)save it to my external HD .... delete and reformat my Zorin disk .... install Zorin 16 Pro again ..... get the partitions right and then copy my Home folder on top of the new install of Zorin Pro will that work .... how much will I loose if anything are all the files contained in the Home folder ????

Because as you mentioned Rescuezilla will restore everything back as it once was .... I will then have to delete the Rescuezilla saved image and IF everything works OK make a new disk image ....

Take your time as it isn't a life and death situation .... I can still use my computer .... I just want to store stuff in my larger partition before my / partition gets filled up .... better to do it now than later .... LOL

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Yeah while it's fresh in your head. I know you CAN DO IT. YOUR system looks smooth...look how darn far you got

AMAZING!! :+1:

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This has to be the Best Line I have ever seen on the forum.


I believe a different explanation would be; 50% chance. To be or not to be.


I was trying to avoid telling you to reinstall. This may/ may not have worked, either depending on how you implemented and whether the os would accept your changes. Since you are at this point... decision time:

Continue trying to get things sorted with fstab and your partitions....

Or, reinstall using my partition and install tutorial that will include home partition.

Either way, at this point you should have a backup of your home folder in external hdd or usb thumbdrive. If not, you are luck not to have lost this info yet!

Whatever your decision i will help as best i can.


OK thanks 337harvey ..... I appreciate your honesty and also realize you have not tried it yourself ....

I'm going to download my Home folder to my external drive now and be prepared for what happens next .... the Rescuezilla image is really of no use as if I mess something up and have to reinstall ..... the image is just going to reinstall what I have now ..... I'm better off formatting and reinstalling Zorin and copying my Home folder back to the new install .....

If we can and you think it might work we can try the fstab method but you will need to hold my hand step by step .... after all what have I got to loose as if not I will have to reinstall Zorin anyway ....

Let me get my Home folder downloaded first .... thanks

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OK I have a back up of all my files & folders only had one that would not let me download was .dbus - (can not download special file) all else seemed to be OK except I had a bunch of files that were duplicates that I didn't download again .....

Ready to try to fix this when you are .... I'm sure there is a time difference as I am in the Taiwan time zone ....

probably a cache file directive and those don't need to be backed up. it helps coordinate process ... maybe someone with more knowledge can explain

edit: you must have just got up or pulling a all-nighter :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


LOL .... it is 9:00 am here and I was up at 5:30 am .... but I do like working at night .... my last position before I retired was 3rd shift industrial maintenance supervisor .... I loved it as no big-wig supervision and I called the shots as I saw them .... LOL

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Well change of plans .... I've been thing all day about the best way to go about this problem and it seems I will probably end up reinstalling Zorin 16 Pro anyway so I might just as well bite the bullet and do that to begin with ...

Thanks for your kind offer 337harvey but I really don't see the need to drag this out .... tomorrow I will begin to reinstall and then copy my saved Home Folder to the new install hopefully I won't have to much to build back ....

OK everyone take a big sigh of relief ... :rofl: :rofl:

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Soon enough we will be calling you Frogzilla :grinning:


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