Resizing picture to replace start button

can someone do me a solid and help me resize this picture so i can use it as my start button please.


Need better quality of the picture (and larger if ppossible).

I filtered is good as I can. Open it with Gimp,, select the image and resize it.



i cant figure out how to resize it in gimp. thank you for your efforts btw

Which size do you want?


i think... the stock icon from zorin says 16x16 but i increased the size of my taskbar icons.




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does the file have to be an .svg to work? jw

No, you can use .png but .svg is best. You need to remove the .svg file first else will the system pick .svg

I managed to get a decent image from here:

added black fill in GIMP, Cropped image using rectangle tool, then scaled down to 60 x 60 px. Then opened in Inkscape and saved as .svg which scales up to 64 x 64. Increased Taskbar to 64 pixels and here is the result with black theme:

none of those worked. the result of each one is just a black space where the zorin start button was

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