Review my system and suggest me if needed

  1. SMPS- Corsair CV550
  2. CPU- Amd Ryzen 5 3500
  4. GRAPHIC CARD- Gigabyte Geforce GT 710
  5. SDD- WD Blue SN550 500GB M.2
  6. RAM- G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 8GB
  7. CABINET- MSI MAG Forge 100M

Depending on what you're going to do with the machine...

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I cannot gived to you solutions but can gived my experience. MSI and ASRock are good motherboard. Corsair power supply. Western Digital are not popular they are slow ssd. Samsung and Crucial ssd. G.skill very good Ram. I using Intel. I have building many computers. Check on some websides selling most popular hardware and why some review. Processor with integrated graphic card if you are not a gaming. You can have another experience i just wrote about my hardware components.


Power Supply

Your power supply choice is a little low for wattage for a gaming machine, 500 watt is perfect for a low tier or office machine though. Corsair is the perfect brand choice for power supplies though, and I'd go with at least a 650 watt, considering that GPU your going to be powering, just to be on the safe side.


Your CPU choice is a spot on choice for a mid range 6-core gaming CPU, capable of running 3.6GHZ, with turbo functionality to 4.1GHZ, this will allow you to play just about all the games out there, including even Shadow OF The Tomb Raider!


I highly recommend that you stay away from the Gigabyte brand for everything, incase you haven't been in the know, products they make, catch on fire, and die an early death. I believe the Asus B550 motherboards support Ryzen 5 CPU's. Please do extra research to confirm though.


Again, lets get away from the Gigabyte brand, its not trustworthy. Also, the Gforce GT 710 is not really a proper gaming GPU, it only has 1GB of DDR3 VRAM, which is not going to run anything today, only old games of the past. I would recommend going with no less then a GTX 780, if you can't get a hold of a GTX 1050, 1650, or any of the much newer RTX cards.


I would have to disagree with Bourne, all NVME SSD drives are fast, they are by their very nature. However, for gaming, I would strongly recommend you upgrade your SSD choice to a Western Digital BLACK drive. 500GB is enough storage for a light gamer, thats fine.

For fun, here is a picture of my Western Digital Black 1TB drive.


G.Skill is a solid brand choice for RAM. Their Trident Z Royal line is well known among the gaming crowd for being quality RAM. Since this is a new PC build, I would strongly urge you to install 2x8GB for a total of 16GB of RAM in dual channel for a mid-range gaming machine. 8GB is not going to cut it in modern day.


Ahhh, yes, the forge! This is a well known case for both the pretty, and the functionality. That case will keep your computer remaining cool, while providing the pretty that one desires. Thats a solid pick for sure, and for a good price.

Do you already have keyboard, mouse, and monitor already?


@StarTreker About hard disk i mean ssd not nvme what are diffrents with fast. I have for gaming 750w Corsair plus 80 gold. RTX 2060 graphic card minimum the price are near what @StarTreker . The price all time changing. My graphic card have 256 bit 8 GB vram. Ram I choose G.Skill
The best put components on some few years forward. In computers mostly broken graphic cards after some years.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Here I can gived you some webside. Where comparison motherboard to cpu with building. It gived you more specification a hardware cpu and motherboard.

I can share my experience with you. MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen and ASUS AM4 TUF gaming are good Motherboards.
Samsung and the main SSD. Gee, very good Ram. I am using Intel. I have a lot of computers. Check out some of the most popular hardware retailers' websites and get some reviews on why. Processor with integrated graphics card if you are not gaming. You may have another experience I just wrote about my hardware components.

Crucial will stop produce RAM.

Everything is super expensive at the moment. Apparently, GPU's and chips will get cheaper in the last quarter as all manufacturers have upped their supply.

I'm holding off on high-end stuff. The only thing I would change on your system this year is the RAM. 16GB is the sweet spot for me, depending on your use case.

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