RevoDrive 350

Hello, I'm trying to test out the zorin 16 core with an older system to make sure there are no compatibility issues, I'm struggling to get it installed.

My system is as follows

Core i7 860, evga p55 micro, 16gb ram, nvidia gt740, ht omega claro+, netgear a6210 wifi adapter,ocz revodrive 350.

OCZ is long gone at this point, however reading their manual they have a linux driver and for this drive to function as a bootable raid array (which is what it technically is), the driver needs to be installed as part of the linux distribution installation process. It notes that at the time of printing, ubuntu and mint were not able to do this, however others like fedora were able to do this...This text is a few years old and I'm wondering if this has changed.... I'm completely new to Linux so I'm not sure how to try and tackle this issue, anyone with any insights on this? Much appreciated

This may have some help...:

Sometimes, though, some older hardware cannot be recycled back into use.

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