Run command from gnome launcher

Is it possible to execute a command from the gnome launcher?
I'd love to be able to press the SUPER key and type xdg-open /home/hanne/Templates for example.

Remapping keys can be done by running xmodmap on the terminal.
These changes are reset at reboot, so you have to make them permanent. One way to do it is add them to the rc.local file. The general format is

xmodmap -e “your commands”

to test, once you get it working the way you want

Open rc.local file under /etc and just before “exit O”, add whichever mapping commands you used above.

Hit Control-X to close, and you’ll be asked to save. Hit Y and then enter.


So, if you are asking how to create a shortcut and assign a key to it. Try to go in settings<keyboard and set the shortcut by entering the command then the shortcut key for it.

If you are trying to run a command from the gnome launcher like run in windows try Alt + F2 or F3. Whichever you like😉

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Thanks for the info.

But what I want is to be able to type bash commands in the gnome overview search field

Oh, that's different, in short, its not a function of the gnome /xfce menu search function. This guide says alt+f2 but for Zorin pro/core its Super + R for the run box

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Ok, thanks!
That was what I was looking for.
I was just hoping I would do it easier and straight from the gnome overview/search menu.

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