Running any application disables usb ports

When starting any application, all my USB peripherals (keyboard, mouse) and flash drive stop working, and after reconnection they stop working at all (before reconnection the mouse backlight worked, but after it stopped).
(I think)All this started after I called a Python script, it finished its work and everything stopped. The system itself doesn't hang, the time goes by, apps send notifications

I am no coder and never intend to be at my age (68). I suspect your script is somehow causing the issue? @Aravisian for assistance.


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What exactly did this Script?

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Python is quite integral to the system. The best way to know is to examine that python script to see what it does.

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It was the script (I was installing dmg images of macos) and all I t it does is install files from the Apple servers.

Okay, maybe that create some Problems and was a little bit risky. Maybe You should think about a new fresh Installation.

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Was it this one?

I have read through the python script along with its associated files and I do not see anything malicious.

Are you using Wifi through a USB dongle?