Rust will be a future?

I seeing many websides and video's about rust. It have a future?

It is already in use in many places. The attraction is the security it offers. It is to high level to replace all languages. None are as low level as C and C++. It also lends to what things are currently in, what libraries are available and what it would cost to change things over. It won't replace scripting languages (JS, Python, Perl, Lua...) which are used commonly within OSs, html, servers, and many other places. There will always be another language that seems to do better or might take over, but it never will be completely Rust.

i know POP OS creating DE from scratch in Rust.
Well for me this is something like hiperbole but this is important it is evolve.
I saw a distribution wrote in rust, kernel is finished. People start creating things.

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