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3> Saving URLs the quick way - Firefox

I don’t like lots of bookmarks in my browser (Firefox). I have a quick links bar and just have links to the c.6 sites I go to every day. But I do save URLs on my HDD. For example, if I buy a piece of software I would often drag the address bar into the folder with the software on my HDD (e.g. the URL for the software site, or support, as a quick ref). If would save a .url file there. Which acted as a quick link if I ever needed it, double click and it opened Firefox and went to the site. So this was handy for kind of archiving a link with any other documents or files it was connected with.

I noticed the old .url files don’t work in Zorin at all if I double click on them. That’s fine, I can open it in a text editor and copy out the URL, then paste it into the browser. It’s clunky, but obviously over time the .url files will be replaced with the Linux equivalents, which are a .html file in Zorin but work the same way.

However! Zorin won’t let me drag those shortcuts to anywhere except the desktop, then I have to cut and paste it from there to the folder I want. I’ve tried dragging the shortcuts to locations on the Zorin drive and on my HDD, and nothing happens. Only the desktop. So it adds an extra step or two every time I do this, since I have to save it then move it to where I want, rather than drag it straight to the folder that is already open.

Am I missing something? There seems to be a pattern here. In Windows the Desktop was just a folder in a user directory on the C: (and I could back it up like any other, and it behaved the same). But Zorin seems to have totally different rules for the desktop, from other files on the C: equivalent, and again from the D: (which is how I think of the Zorin OS drive and the Data drive, because I’m so used to that after two decades of thinking that way!) Anyway, if there’s a way to make the Zorin desktop work like others, and also so I can drag URL shortcuts into any folder directly, that would help.

I know this is basic information, and your probably looking for something easier, but this is the best I've come up with. There are times when working a special project and want to save the urls for that project, but not in my bookmarks. So i just open a text editor, or Libre Office writer, then once I get the page opened I want to save, I will copy the address, and paste it in the text editor. Then save it with a name of the project + Url's so it would look like this "New pc urls". You could put "-", or "_", between the segments.

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Thanks - you're right, it's clunkier, but may be the way I have to adapt. Though it might still be quicker to drag to desktop, then from there to the folder I want the link. It's just this weird thing of having to go to the desktop first. Maybe it is a permissions thing underlying a lot of these issues? How I hate file permissions and ownership ... I wish they just had one, "write protect".

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