Scaling issue with message boards and some forums

Hi I am currently testing Zorin and I am really loving it but there is just one issue it has to do with scaling and the text fonts when I visit certain message boards.

They look way too tiny and it really looks bad so far I tried scaling on zorin OS as well as big text but nothing seems to work I am using firefox to browse.

You can change the scaling of text on this Forum by clicking your Profile Avatar at top right of screen then:
Select Preferences (body icon)
Select Preferences (gearwheel icon)
Select Interface

If the size of fonts is too big or small then maybe change the size of fonts in Zorin Apperance Settings.

Otherwise you could also change the Zoom % in Firefox settings

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Also, are you using Fractional Scaling?

I have used both none of them solved the problem I am looking for I can use zoom on FF like he said but that doesn't solve the real problem.

I tried chromium OS for giggles from my usb and it had the exact same problem I could scale the rest but not these particular websites.

but the thing is I did on windows 10

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