Screen brightness and contrast control

I have recently installed Zorin 16 and am still tinkering with it's settings. How do I adjust brightness and contrast?

Hi, is this the Lite or Core edition of ZorinOS? You can update your profile in the forum to show what version you are using.

On Core, you can try the following option menus:

  • Settings -> Power
  • Settings -> Accessibility

You can also control the brightness from the taskbar and should be a simple slider that you can tune. However I didn't see an option to control the contrast other than an on/off switch. Normally I would use the screen controls directly to change anything related to temperature, contrast, etc.

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Has contrast been a setting in any OS since color monitors? Last time I saw a setting for that it was on a monochrome orange monitor.

I could swear that I saw an option to do that somewhere in the latest versions of Gnome but I can't find it now :thinking: But in any case I don't know how reliable it'd be. Perhaps there's a 3rd-party program that can handle that?

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