Screen goes black when playing games

I reinstalled Zorin the other day and now my screen goes completely black every-so-often when I'm playing games. Its happened in: Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds and Star Wars: Battleront. Isn't a proton issue, because Counter Strike is linux native and so is Minecraft (which doesn't even use Steam).

I would first suspect Graphics drivers

sudo lshw -C video

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I've been running Zorin OS Pro for almost a year now and mine does the same thing. Occaionally, if I click on a different tab on the browser (Brave) the screen will go black for about 3 seconds. I've just learned to live with it.
I have tried different nvidia drivers. It doesn't seem to make a difference. I can see how this would be a major issue in a game!

I just did that, this is what is said.

1050 - Which Nvidia Driver are you using?
You can check in Software & Updates > Additional Drivers

Screenshot from 2023-05-03 20-07-06

I have been having an issue on the 530, as well. After a time, the screen becomes jerky and FPS drops.
I remember the 510 worked without issues and was thinking about rolling back to test it.

I think I used 515 on my old install, should I swap back to that.

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