Screen mode switching automatically during bootup

When I boot up my laptop plugged by VGA cable to tv both screens show content, at password request laptop screen shows content while tv shows the right side of password request screen (I know it because cursor goes in a trip outside tv left border :walking_woman::rofl: ) and after login only tv shows content. What's up? Looks like Zorin changes video settings on each different state. What I set is this :point_down:.

Just to simplify, during bootup it sets to Duplicated, at password request it sets to Joined screens and after login it sets to Single screen.

I am sorry but...
I have no idea what you just said.

I tried to explain it even under the screenshot,

I'll try to explain better, when I boot up the laptop both tv and laptop show the Asus logo and then Zorin loading screen, when it reaches the password request tv shows the laptop screen partially (or better, the right side because as I said when I move the cursor it goes off the left edge, but only there) while laptop shows the password request screen normally and once it load the desktop only tv shows everything. By the 3 different ways that I saw the screen during the whole bootup process I could at least try explaining this by saying right that

I still am not fully understanding - but from what I pictured taking your description step by step, I can certainly see how trying to describe what you are seeing would be very difficult.

It looks like your graphics drivers are displaying one way before the drivers have fully initialized and another way once you reach log in and that this is further complicated when connecting the external T.V. as a monitor.

Are you using Intel Integrated Graphics and a Dedicated graphics card like Nvidia or AMD?

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On Info I read AMD® Rs880 on the graphics, then I never changed anything about drivers since I installed Zorin.

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Would you be willing to create two different LiveUSB tests?
This can most easily be accomplished by using Ventoy.
But a LiveUSB of Zorin Core and a LiveUSB or Zorin Lite.

Then try to duplicate your situation on a run with each LiveUSB.
This is to test the Display Manager.

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I don't know, I'm a bit busy on some chats, trying to help improving some games and then run some Windows games with Wine, I'd have preferred a command on the terminal if there was one. By the way this issue isn't so serious, it's just a weird behaviour, it can wait for now :+1:.

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