Screen Ramdomnly goes Black

I use zorin 16 pro for work on my Dell XPS 9710, and for whatever reason as I'm working screen will just go black as though it is going into a sleep state.

Went into power settings and adjust all of the suspend options or blank screen but for whatever reason it still goes black from time to time which typically requires a restart to be able to view my desktop/gui.

Adding a screenshot of power settings.

This happens too often to call Zorin usable at this point :frowning:
Will have to switch back to Windows again until this is resolved.

You can search with :mag: next to your Avatar for the specific subjects. I found that several people reported similar issues:


Two things come to mind on this: Heat and Graphics. You may test by monitoring your GPU temps.
I use a conky to do this non-stop.

If he has using nvidia and driver 470.86, change it to 495.44.

470.86 gives black screen issues.

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It seems we are not the only ones having a issue with this 470.86.

I know that problem. Now this problem missing. What i suspect this is nvram on GPU. I wondering on linux i can test nvram. No test stress benchmark.

I suspect you might be correct. When I'm using Zorin, fans never came on, but in Windows, fans do come on to cool down the laptop. Not sure why that would be the case. I assume some package related to cooling may be missing. Also an fyi I did update to the latest NVIDIA driver 495.xx. That did not fix the issue.

Here is a possible fix:

Will test this later today

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I know if temperature overheating then nvram crashed.

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So per article made the change from Balanced to Performance. Fans still haven't kicked in so not sure how well this has worked. I will test further, later today and report back. At work so can't test at the moment.

Issue was heat, ran an smibios command to change settings to performance. Fans are now working. Hoping this will be fixed in next kernel release.


so seems like fans run only for a short time. Basically if I suspend the laptop then bring it back fans don't run and I'm then back to dealing with screens blacking out.

If you can open the laptop, cleaning the filter works wonder in many heat related issues.


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Thanks for the advice, but this laptop is about 4 months old xps 9710. Don't keep it in dusty environment.

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I read that it is still under the warranty.
Certainly you should not open it.

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So there was one last step I missed from the arch website, just made the changes but had to shutdown to board my flight will test later tonight.

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Hey, if fans work with windows but not with zorin then I suggest installing greenwithenvy. It's software that allows you to check your GPU temps and control your fans. I hope this helps.


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