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Screen will not wake up after sleep

After my screen goes to sleep . I can not wake it up via moving the mouse or the space bar on keyboard . The only way I can get the screen up it to turn off the pc and turn it on I have a i7 64g ram 2 2tb ssd and a rx 6600 video card . I have 16 pro installed with all update

Crosslink, in an effort to speed up support for solution efforts, since its the same exact issue I believe.

Now, I am no expert on what causes this problem, I can only speculate, that it has to do with power management. I have a catch all solution for disabling power management, hope it works.

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

xset -dpms

If this doesn't work, keep checking the other thread each day as well, until a solution presents itself to you. Good luck!

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