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I'm looking for a screenshot app that will make it easy to add info like a text box or something directly to the image without having to open the image in another program. Being able to record the screen would be useful too.

I installed Screenrec but it didn't seem to work right, the program opened after the install but the buttons on the little menu that appeared didnt' work. It showed up in the menu but still the same problem when opened from there. Also, terminal never completed the install, it just kept printing lines of text most of which I didn't understand. I uninstalled it per another topic here but couldn't find a repository to uninstall after the uninstall for the program, though I'm not sure that matters right now. The creator of the topic said he didn't like it anyway, I certainly didn't since it didn't work.

So, is there a better program to use for this? Suggestions would be appreciated.

Should I try harder to find the repository for Screenrec to uninstall it? I just looked under Software and Update/Other, but it wasn't there.

I use Kazan myself, maybe it works for you too?

For what you describe, it sounds like Flameshot would be the ticket:

sudo apt install flameshot

Launching it merely places an icon on the panel. From there you can explore its many powerful options.


I just use (alt +) printscreen in my installation. When i need to add something like text i use gimp. I might try flameshot as well to see how it works.

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