Screenshot preview?

just curious, is there any extensions or stuff to make screenshot had preview and some options to delete, edit or send it to mobile device quickly after screenshot without opening nautilus?

My current preferred Screenshot App is this:

You should be able to find it in Synaptic Package Manager.

When you launch Spectacle, the default setting is to Screenshot the entire Desktop and you automatically get a preview. With regard to sending to Mobile device if you mean Smartphone then I think you could do it via KDE Connect, but you need to use the add application rule function to GUFW (firewall) for it to work (KDE connect and Zorin Connect are listed in the application rules. I think there is a share/send to icon on the menu bar of Spectacle having looked at the page I posted but not actually tried it.
There was another good application called Shutter but think it only works up to Ubuntu 20.04, so when Zorin 17 comes out it will not work.

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