Screenshot vs screencast

I was using screencast the new feature of the v17 and just like that the slider to choose between screencast and screenshot disappeared.
The only option available is screenshot. I did not change anything on my system it was working just fine until it disappears. I am not sure where I should look to investigate the issue.
Btw it would be even better if we can capture the sound as having the possibility to choose which monitor will be recorded

The Gnome builtin screencast is trash anyway. If you want to do some serious screen recording of your desktop and/or game, I highly recommending "GPU Recorder". It's in the software center as a flatpak.

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My preference is for the apt version of vokoscreen-NG. You get option of all available audio sources. I then edit in KDEnlive (apt version) before uploading to Vimeo.


Thanks both it is perfect!

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