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Would be possible to change screenshots default name? Of course I don't mean renaming them once taken :laughing:.

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I believe you can change the icon folder name which I believe will do what you want ...... Aravisian showed me how to do it and I thought I had saved that post but apparently I didn't and a search didn't reveal it either .... :face_holding_back_tears:

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Reading up on this,

was linked to by

There can only be a warkaround, as the gnome-screenshot tool offers no straight-forward means of changing the default. It is coded into the app.

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I'm back again ..... do you mean you want to change the "screenshot" folder name itself to something else like maybe "bigshot" .... so it appears as "bigshot" or other name in your menu or folder .....

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I think it could be this element? As it is highlighted in blue you can edit that section and also change default from .png to .jpg:

and there are better alternatives, favourite being Shutter, followed by Spectacle on Plasma.
Nice article here:

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Just the screenshot default name, I take them pressing stamp r sist button, it's fine that they are saved on Pictures but I'd have preferred to save them as

Schermata del (day)/(month)/(year) alle (hour):(minutes):(seconds)

rather than the default

Schermata da (year)-(month)-(day) (hour):(minutes):(seconds).

because technically Schermata da is grammatically wrong and then I prefer the date format that I set.

Thanks for asking, now I explained this thing well rather than on the original post :blush:

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Yes, I know this way, too. On certain moments I have to take screenshots from the built-in software because taking them by pressing stamp r sist button doesn't work (some windows or software look having a kind of screenshot protection :thinking:), luckily only on few moments. By the way, I could see that the default name was different between pressing stamp r sist button and taking screenshots from the built-in software, with the button it's

Schermata da (year)-(month)-(day) (hour):(minutes):(seconds)

while with the software it's

Schermata del (year)-(month)-(day) (hour):(minutes):(seconds)

, just a small difference. Thanks for your reply I could see this that I didn't notice before :smile:.


Yes that is annoying as I also prefer my date to be day/month/year so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread ..... as I would like to change it as default and not have to do it for each individual picture because that is just a PITA .... :thinking:

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Well I have checked numerous websites about changing the date order .... even checked in dconf-editor under org/gnome/gnome-screenshot .... plenty of settings but nothing on date order .....

I've come to the realization that the year/month/day format no matter how strange it looks to us is actually a more precise way of maintaining an accurate record of something .....

Meaning that you look up the year first then the month and lastly the day ... the year (1) being the most important followed by the month (12) and finally the day (31)....

For anything that must be saved the default setting will do and probably preferred but for my clocks I maintain my day/month/year .... :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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