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hi, so if i go to zorin appearance and select the first layout and try searching for "firewall" it does not show it but if i use gnome search thingy it finds the firewall app.

GUFW was moved in the Zorin OS Settings, I think to make it easier to find for familiarity for some users.
This actually caused myself a couple other forum members to believe Zorin OS 16 shipped without GUFW installed. :wink:

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thank you for pointing it out to me. for anyone who would like to know (this is for core version) the firewall is in click zorin start -> settings -> network -> on the right hand side look under network proxy, there is a button called "firewall configuration".

If you are using Lite instead of Core (as I am), In the main settings window it is under System as Firewall Configuration.

Or you can launch it from the App Menu - open the App menu, then type into it gufw and an option to Run gufw will appear. Click that.

Lastly, you can tap alt+F2 to open the launcher, then type into it gufw and hit enter key.

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thanks again and btw how do i close this thread as solved ?

I took care of it real quick.

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