Search in ZorinOS?

Windows Search builds a full text index of all your files, plus programs, and then in Start menu search will find any of them.

Spotlight on Mac does something very similar.

I know in Linux there are some programs for full text indexed desktop search, e.g. in KDE there's baloo, but don't know if this is available in Zorin. There are also programs like Recoll but they won't integrate into OS.

What I'd like is same capability, find as you type search results that use a full text index that gets updated in real time automatically. Ideally it'd be in the Zorin menu search box.

It is available in the repository and can be installed on Zorin OS.
It is a Qt app, so will not match the system theme without some additional work.

That said; that is as near as things will get. There are other searching and indexing applications, but baloo seems the closest to what you describe and want.
Neither Windows nor Linux has everything that the other has. This is one of those cases where Windows has something Linux has less of.
This is partly because of how real time file indexing works and how Linux prioritizes performance and CPU and RAM conservation. Windows and Mac prioritize user convenience.

I remember i was that option with combination two buttons on a keyboard alt + F2 but this function exist.

The alt+F2 shortcut can bring up applications...

I'm not sure I can agree. An indexed search takes time on first run, after that it should have much less impact as its supposed to use FS events or journal entries table to update when file changes are detected.

There is also Recoll. And I remember earlier versions of Gnome possibly had this.

I'm mostly asking for my dad, who uses this search to find his files. I will keep looking.

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Gnome still has indexing, which many users can turn off. I do not use Gnome, so I cannot remember the full steps to take to do that...
Indexing is used as well on lighter distros for the Catfish search application.

An index takes time to create on first run and is smoother after. However, indexing is often more constant than you might think.
This can be reduced by excluding unnecessary directories like /tmp and possibly /var... Which also could haunt you if searching for something that would be in those directories.

I think we do not disagree, actually and I am sorry for my poor wording.
It is not my purpose to apologize and explain a necessary lack of applications.
My intent was not to convey that it shouldn't exist, but a possible reason why developers have not prioritized it or users have not clamored for it that we see Default Apps.
Your only real concern is finding the application that you need.

I will try some more thorough searching of the web and see if there is an app that would suit better than Baloo.


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I agree with everything you said. if the indexer is limited to ~/Documents that will be enough.

Exclude everything else like /var, /tmp, /etc, /root. The binaries are already indexed by whatever the OS has in its start menu. by that I mean if I copy a file into /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin it immediately will show up in the start menu when typing, right?

On Windows there is a fantastic app called Everything which can do magic - realtime search everywhere. Someone made a Linux version called Fsearch - FSearch | A search utility focusing on performance and advanced features

It also seems that ZorinOS uses a version of ArcMenu? btw when looking into this it seems to be that ArcMenu was originally developed by Zorin and is now used by other Gnome distros ??

I have to see if there is a plugin that can extend the search results - Arc Menu Search · Wiki · Andy C / Arc-Menu · GitLab. There isn't any example I found.

edit: this looks promising - GitHub - dalanicolai/gnome-tracker-extension: Ulauncher extension for (deep) search filesystem via the gnome tracker, recoll, docfetcher, locate or calibre index

Applications that appear in the App menu are referenced by their .desktop file located in /usr/share/applications.
That file determines the category and application name to be displayed.
Without that file, installed apps do not appear in the App menu. An example would be AppImages (I made a guide on here to manage app images somewhere)..

Yes, ZorinMenu and ZorinMenulite are both based on Graeme Gotts Arc menu.
Graeme is the original developer and Arc Menu has since been passed to a new maintainer.
Graeme also made the Whiskermenu, which is what I prefer to use on Zorin OS Lite.

Every Linux File manager I have used includes a locate in the file manager. There is no need to search... In the Open File Manager Window, in the Documents directory (for example) start typing the name of the file and in the Lower Right Side, a popover will appear containing your current typed string.
At the same time, the file manager will scroll to the row containing the beginning of your string.
For example, if you are looking for document name "1378-Bernoulli" and you begin typing in the window: "1378-Ber" it will probably have reached and highlighted the file before you finish typing it.
I... use this feature a lot in the course of making full icon sets.
I use the Nemo 5 File Manager on Zorin OS, that also has File Search and File Content Search built into it. The file content search is also a feature I use extensively. I can locate a file by the Lines In the File - even if I have forgotten or do not know the file name.

Ok. Then you talking something "searching like in windows when example you open my PC an right corner you can put search a "word" and it searching everywhere on localization what you gived him.

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