Security Concerns with Zorin

Glad to see that Zorin endeavors to support more AppImage formats using .EXE and .MSI. However Windows formats are more known for carrying malware and infections. Since by nature, Linux landscape do not have an Antivirus, what measures have been incorporated by Zorin in its architecture to ensure it is not inadvertently running a malware program on to itself?

Zorin OS comes with AppArmor preinstalled in case users install and use Zorin App Support (WINE).

In terminal, you can run a check:

sudo apparmor_status

In addition to this, users can install a preferred anti-virus software for additional secureity, including ones for gnuLinux as well as running one on Wine through Wine for your Windows Apps.

In general, the first and most important security layer is the User.

Be sure to avoid potentially dangerous websites or downloading objects like games or media that is not vetted.

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Using WINE to install Windows APPS, is exactly how I got a Trojan virus on my Linux machine the last time. I really wish that WINE had its own anti-virus plugin built in, you'd think it would have by now, but I guess nobody thought of it. Windows APPS are highly susceptible to virus's and malware, I 100% agree with that, based on my own personal experience.

But if WINE had such an anti-virus plugin, it could scan the files of the Windows APPS prior to install, and issue a RED flag if any virus or malware is detected. But as it is now, I have to use ClamTK to scan my computer, and it was how I discovered the Trojan initially. I then ended up having another issue with WINE later down the road.

So I decided to make the conscious decision to stop using WINE all together. One thing I learned early in my first year on Linux, is that Linux has all the APPs that I need, especially on Zorin OS PRO installs, I don't have any need to use Windows software. You need photoshop? Its called Gimp! You need Adobe Premier? Its called Kdenlive! You need Microsoft Office? Its called Lebri Office!

Once you cut all physical and emotional ties to Windows, and forget about Nostalgia, (just overall clear your mind and unlearn what you had previous learned) can you begin being able to discover, the true power of Linux, and how much it has to offer you.

In the words of the Mandalorian...............

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