Seeking Recommendations for Disk Cloning Software

I'm going to retire my mid-2012 MacBook Pro and switch to Zorin on PC laptop. (I have previous experience with Ubuntu 14 and 16.) 1) Could someone recommend a disk clone software? I've used Carbon Copy Cloner on my Macs (with external HDD) for 20 years and absolutely love it. I'd like to find something as similar as possible in terms of features and function. 2) Could you recommend another software similar in function to Time Machine? (I've also been using TM on a separate external HDD for redundancy.) Thanks for your help, and it's a pleasure to join the group!

Have you yet researched Rescuezilla and Timeshift?
They may suit your needs.

If installing on a Mac, you may also look into rEFInd for the installation process.

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Hi, and thanks for responding! I will be retiring my old Mac and installing Zorin on a PC laptop (haven't selected and purchased one yet). From what I've read, I understand that Timeshift only backs up the system and copies it to the same internal disk, whereas Carbon Copy Cloner is designed to be a full disk clone to external HDD, and with bare metal restore capabilities. Time Machine is similar, but I'm not sure how they differ. I'll check out Rescuezilla and let you know what I find. Cheers ...

Good deal. I showed my ignorance, there. I thought you were asking about alternatives for two different functions - A Restore Point type software and a Cloning Software.

Forgive me... or some reason, I never used a Mac.
Ok, well, I briefly played on a Macintosh when I was 12 years old in the '90's, but I do not think that counts.

Try Clonezilla. That is what I use

Rescuezilla is the gui version of clonezilla. Timeshift will do a full, then incremental backup of your system (you choose what's included i.e. root, mnt, home, etc.), similar to a full backup and windows system restore. These are two trusted and popular alternatives.

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Rescuezilla incorporates clonezilla. Initially it only took an image of your system as it was reincarnation of redobackup project that had died and one of the first things rescuezulla did was to incorporate backup for EFI systems. It is only as the project has progressed to also include clonezilla. It has always had a nice simple GUI, just like redobackup and also based on live image of ubuntu.

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