Send file via BT only working with BT settings open on screen

I have found this issue with sending files from my smartphone. I wonder if this actually is a bug or a feature :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Pair smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S8) via Bluetooth. PINs are shared, connection fully established.
  • (On the smartphone) Select an image file you want to send to Zorin on PC.
  • (On the PC running Zorin OS) Close system settings / Bluetooth TAB and view desktop.


  • (On the smartphone:) Start file transfer via BT to Zorin on PC.


  • (On the smartphone:) File transfer starts, but it is cancelled.


  • File is transferred via BT to Download directory on PC running Zorin OS (as stated in system settings / Bluetooth TAB).


  • If you open system settings Bluetooth TAB on PC running Zorin OS before starting file transfer the transfer can be started OK on smartphone.
    This could be OK as a file transfer to smartphone from Zorin requires system settings / Bluetooth TAB to be open as well, so BT device can be selected for sending file action.


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Have you tried Zorin connect or KDE Connect? These applications allow transfers without other applications being accessed.

I use galaxy s20 and have not run into this issue, but i transfer most of my files by cable since it's faster.


No, I haven't tried Zorin connect or KDE connect yet. "... without other applications accessed" - well, I can choose to either involve app Zorin connect or KDE connect, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

To me it seems that by simply triggering a file transfer via BT from smartphone involves actually no app at all. Just system connectivity that is ongoing in background.
I might try cable connections as wireless transfer via BT is indeed rather slow.

And also worth mentioning: BT file transfer does work OK, as long as you have opened the system settings window / Bluetooth. I could even listen to music via BT headset while a file transfer was done. It is just not what you would expect how the whole procedure works - how would you know that in order to receive a file you have to be in BT settings on your PC?

I sometimes use Zorin-Connect to transfer files to my pc (mostly images that is). But I also have tried BT, it does work but its perhaps 10x slower than the network connection Zorin-Connect uses, especially when it concerned large file.

You know mobile phones these days are equipped with camera's that can produce 4K images, sending them with BT is going at a very slow pace..

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