Server download settings

One of my problems with using the Zorin upgrader was having duplicate entries in the repository of the existing OS (Z16), which I made a mess of removing. I am looking now at the software directory, and the Software and Updates section, which seems to have set itself on "Custom servers". There is also Main server and one for the UK.
Now....I am going to assume here that the correct setting should be Main; I have to avoid getting any more duplicates in my, is this correct/ or should I set it to the UK server (where I am)?

Yes, the Main Server is a good Choice. But maybe You could have then multible Configurations too. I don't read it the first Time here. So, please set it to the Main Server and then open the Terminal and type sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and post the Output here so that we can it.

OK. I failed to explain that I have now installed Zorin17 Pro by using a clean install from the downloaded iso file. I just want to ensure that the Software and Updates section within my new freshly installed system remains clear of duplicates....hence the question about what server to set it on.

I would always choose "Main Server" for software updates.

Well I've now set it up on Main, so fingers crossed for no duplicates!

I suspect the "duplicates" repository entries were the outcome of using the Upgrader.
If you have now done a clean installation of Z17 Pro and have no duplicates, I would expect it to stay that way.

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