Setting default resolution for monitors on 16.1 Lite

How do you set the default resolution for "future" monitors?

I have 16.1 Lite installed on a HP t610 thin client. The plan is to display an activities calendar on a pair of TVs. A local monitor is connected to the DisplayPort output, and the TVs are connected to the DVI port through an HDMI splitter. The problem is, that the TVs are switched on/off with the lights, so every morning the system discovers a "new" monitor, and sets the resolution to 1280x720 for some reason. The correct resolution is 1920x1080...

I found an advanced display setting, that automatically configures new displays it recognises. Unfortunately this displays the display control panel in front of the calendar, when a "new" monitor is switched on.

Is it possible to set 1920x1080 as the default/only resolution for new monitors somehow instead?

The tips outlined here may help:

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