Setting preffered applications in Zorin?

I installed Zorin for my wife. I want to set a preferred application for .pfd files. On most Linux OS's I just go to System>Preferences>Personal>Preferred applications and set my preferred application for most files or apps.
On Zorin I found "startup" applications in the menu but could not find preferred applications?
Where do I set her preferred application for her?

Usually, right click on a file, then in the context menu; select the "Open with" option.
Then you can set the application and click "Set as default".
As @Turtle11 asked - the specific details are different depending on Zorin Core or Lite.

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Not sure but I installed Core 16.2 on May 13th this year, which I think should be updated to 16.3.
My wife liked Windows 10-11 but screwed up her laptop so bad I couldn't reinstall from the rescue USB, so I wiped the hard drive and installed Zorin for her which she now loves.
I have not used Zorin myself since 6.4 about 10 years ago.

i have clicked on the context menu but she has to still do that every time she opens a .pfd file. It should open in the default program. She had been using LibreOffice Draw for .pfd's.
I will try Atril or Evince for her too, which I find to be better for .pfd.
She is not very computer savvy so it needs to be easy for her, open in the preferred software an then just file/print.

@jymm Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate which edition (not version) of ZorinOS you are using, e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc.
This will help us check if you have Gnome or xfce, as proposed solutions may vary accordingly.

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Profile is edited to reflect core.

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