Setting to put Open Windows at the top during search in Zorin Menu

We have Zorin (start) menu in which we can search for apps. It also has the ability show opened windows which I like. But I'd prefer the Open Windows section show up first in the list and the installed apps section second while searching. Is there a way to do that?

I'm using Zorin Core 17

Hi, and welcome!

I didn't find any setting that controls this specifically, but you can prefix your search with "open" and it will show the list of running programs.
Here I have multiple windows of Files, Terminal and Firefox, and each time it returns them at the top under "open windows":

Not using the start menu or any searching, there is a gnome shell extension "All Windows" that displays all open windows, sorted by the workspace. I find it useful.

Thanks for the welcome!

The workaround may work for me. While I still wish there would be a way prioritize open apps, I'd resort to rofi if the "open " doesn't work out.

I'll wait to see if I get a better solution, otherwise I'd mark your comment as answer.

Can you search in them as well? If I could I may use it as Gnome on Wayland doesn't support rofi. (I'm using Zorin with X, but in case if I move to something else.)

No. It opens a drop-down list of open windows in the top panel for switching between them.

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