Setting up killswitch with firewall on Zorin

Hi all, can someone please guide me on how to setup a killswitch using the firewall GUI on Zorin 16? I want all traffic blocked unless I'm on VPN. Some screenshots to assist:


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As far as I could find, there is only a manual way to block the traffic:

I could not find any method to do it in GUI.

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I think we all know the best way to prevent internet access, is by setting up rules in your router. While, simply pulling the plug is most certainly an option to prevent internet to your devices, setting up specific firewall settings in your router, could indeed do what you want.

But when you mentioned the words kill switch, it took me back to the massive RED toggle switches that old IBM computer's used, that were so deeply satisfying when you toggled them.

Yes, deeply satisfying. God I love old computers!


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