Settings display freezes

Whenever i open the settings screen it remains unresponses and a 'force quit' dialogue appears.

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Hello there!

Is this happening after a fresh install of the Zorin OS?

If the answer is YES...

Do you have an Nvidia GPU?

CTRL ALT T to enter Terminal.

Copy Paste This...... inxi -G

Now post the results here....

Additionally, you can also install Screenfetch which can provide a little more information. sudo apt install screenfetch Press Y when prompted.

Once done, just type screenfetch in the terminal, it will provide more details about your system.

If it is the case that you have an Nvidia GPU, then what your going to have to do, is install your Nvidia drivers.

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-470

Or you could run this command...

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Hope this is helpful

Thanks for the swift response.

Just tested again. It only happens on the 'display' settings or when it is remembered and the settings screen opens.

No Nvidia GPU present on this laptop.

Yes a fresh install with Zorin OS (not-pro)

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

I think that will fix your issue. You probably will have to restart after installing those.

Can you please reinstall the application:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-control-center

Reboot and test...

As StarTrekker noted, it may be caused by a graphics issue. But reinstalling the Settings GUI may help, first.

There are no additional drivers in use on this machine.

I seriously doubt any of the support offered here will make a change.

It's funny how often we can be left stunned that something we didn't expect to work does work.

Have you tried disabling all Gnome-Extensions (You can use Gnome-tweaks) and testing with the extensions unable to interfere?

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You're approaching this as if this is a Microsoft Windows desktop, it is not.

This is a bug.

I have no idea what possibly inspired you to say that - but... no.

Now, this is the second comment you have made... the first being this one:

Please read here:

If you are going to reject all help from the help desk, deny any attempt at trying the suggestions, claim we are approaching this as a Windows Problem ( I do not use Wine, even... Much less Windows) Then do not be surprised if your "serious doubts that the support offered here makes a change' because we stop giving you any.


I use Linux since almost 30 years. I hoped the technically savvy support would catch this as what it is, a bug and not respond with nonsensical comments.

Then I am quite confident in your ability to solve your issues. :slight_smile:

Closing this thread as the O.P. expresses Zero Interest in troubleshooting or making any attempts to solve the problem.
It is well established that reinstalling software or disabling and checking Gnome-extensions is productive in resolving many issues. We on this forum do not reject troubleshooting in favor of tossing insults.
This is now made clear to the O.P.


Per user request on Moderator Action:

JLambrecht, I will be happy to take this step by step to provide clarity.
First, let's focus on:

I do not believe that this statement is accurate. For example, when StarTrekker posted a lengthy post with many suggestions, you merely responded with

I do not believe that this demonstrates you trying the suggestions.

Similarly, when I suggested disabling Gnome extensions and reinstalling the software (in case there is a corruption in the s.w.), your response was:

In addition to this, you repeatedly stated:

Your insistence that it "is a bug" demonstrates that you did not follow the suggestions, nor did you offer any in return. Instead, you rejected them on the grounds it is a bug - and a bug can only be fixed by the developer (At least server side. The user may fix a bug on their own machine.)


I am not sure what you mean by "correct' in this usage. The term "Outspoken" I certainly understand and am often outspoken, myself.
However, there is a difference between being outspoken and being hostile and abusive:

Please review the General Introduction here.

As well as the Forum Guidelines here.

We can all understand how frustrating and trying computer issues can be.As those of us who volunteer here address your computer issues, they become as our own issues, as if we, ourselves, are struggling to solve them.

You are never alone. We may not always be able to satisfactorily resolve the issue. And it may take a lot of troubleshooting to do so when we do.

At No Time should any helpful volunteer on this forum ever feel belittled, insulted or abused by a member seeking troubleshooting.

Or put another way - Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

Because I prefer full disclosure and openness and do not like taking topics to back rooms or PM's to resolve -
After closing this thread, I posted the Following in the Moderator forum for review:

These actions are taken by us all to protect you and all other members from our own mistakes. Because we are not perfect, and only human, too.

In closing:
JLambrecht, I hope that a detailed explanation along with Two Links to Forum Guidelines and Posting nEtiquette help you to reflect on tone and impressions.
If you still would like assistance in trying to troubleshoot your issue, I encourage you to start a new thread with a fresh start and leave this one to fall into the archives.
In that new thread, keep in mind we are not always Correct but we are helpful enough to treat your computer woes as our own.