Share you best experience with zorin

I personally have moved to zorin not that but have experience some major difference form one of it is the fast boot and operations of zorin and the simple interface.the overall is the ability to change want I want on it .what is your :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Stability...One of the greatest thing about Zorin OS is the stability. Zorin OS Lite being more stable (as in smooth and responsive). And also the compiz effect on Zorin OS core, that is really fun.


I just wanted an out of the box OS, and that's what I have got with Zorin, any problems I have come across are of my doing, as a Linux newbie I'm learning a bit more each day, and if I mess it up a quick reinstall is fast and painless, so I am a happy bunny.


I started on Zorin coming from Windows on Zorin with Gnome. I was grumpy a lot.
After a few months, I tried Zorin OS Lite and finally stopped troubleshooting and fiddling with configurations just to get the OS to do what I wanted to do and it has been smooth sailing ever since.



Sorry for my English (google lol) but as everyone knows, French and lol. I took the pro version, telling myself that like that, I wouldn't change linux distribution every week. I won, it's been 4 months and I have no major issues with zorin. It's beautiful, it's reliable. no complaints. We would like a new version more often because 2/3 years is a lot lol


As there is no version number it would be this (when Compiz was still working!):

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Just fabulous, to use. Thank you

Nearly forgot:

When the Department Store was open in the City (Closed down because of Covid) I would go to their Computer Section, go onto an iPad and put the above link in Safari and leave running. Needless to say a few months later they disabled internet on all their Apple kit! LOL!

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